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Duchess Development is a real estate solutions provider. We acquire, repair, and sell properties in Buffalo NY and the  surrounding area. We offer prime investment opportunities to a large network of real estate buyers. At Duchess Development “We Invest In You.”
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Strategy planning

We can help. There are many benefits of working with us, rather than trying to list your home with a realtor. Advantages of us buying your home include: you’ll pay NO COMMISSIONS or fees, we can close quickly, and we buy the home as-is (no need to do costly repairs).

Sold As Is

Repairs can often be very costly and sometimes you simply may not have the time or the money. Realtors list houses in the best conditions, and if yours is not in optimal shape, its price may drop significantly.

Tired Landlord

Sometimes being a landlord is more than what people expect. Are you tired and want to sell off your properties? Even if they are occupied currently with tenants we can still buy them from you.


If you’re stuck in a 30-yr mortgage, having trouble paying, or simply need to move somewhere else, selling to an investor may be a great option. It can help you avoid foreclosure and give you an opportunity to move on.


If you’ve inherited a house, you may find yourself needing to sell it. If the house remains unoccupied, it can be difficult to insure, vulnerable to theft, vandalism, or damage to the property. 

We Can Help You Sell Your Home Quickly!

Sometimes the unexpected happens. Selling your home to an investor may not be an option you are familiar with, but it is definitely one worth considering. We provide personalized customer service designed to assist you through the sale process in a legitimate and professional manner. We partner with our sellers, assuring a hassle-free and successful transaction.


Most frequent questions and answers

The situations vary as much as the houses do, but here are the typical situations we encounter:

  • Inherited a house and do not need it
  • House needs repairs and owner is not willing or able to make
  • House has tenants that are making the owner’s life difficult
  • Relocating to another area and needs to sell
  • Buying another house and need to sell existing house first
  • Going through a divorce and need to sell a house fast
  • Don’t want to deal with hassles of selling the house using an agent
  • Don’t want to or can’t prepare house for realtor showings or open houses
No, absolutely not. We do not charge you anything to visit your house and make you an offer. In fact, if we can’t come to an agreement on price to buy your house, you’re under absolutely NO obligation to accept it. You’ve got nothing to lose.
How much we can pay is determined by what other similar houses are selling for in the area. The cost to perform the repairs needed on the house are also taken into consideration.
Absolutely not! You are not obligated to work with us if you do not wish to. You will not be charged anything.
Not long at all. We can usually walk through a home and determine what we can offer within 30 minutes. Before we visit the house, we will have already completed market research on the house and know what others are selling for in the area. Once we determine the cost for repairs, we can provide you with an offer.

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Located at 1967 Wehrle Drive Suite 1, Williamsville, NY 14221. Please call us today at 716.646.8555 if you’d like to learn more about the real estate services that we offer. Duchess Development is a subsidiary of Duke Enterprises Inc.

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